August 11th, 2012

Saturday Morning Music

Good Morning, Kids!

First a little promotion... zeitgeistic is holding a friending frenzy so if you're looking to add some new folks to spice up your life a bit, head on over here...


There's lots of fun, fascinating folks running around over there! So go... be social, make friends, have fun!

Now it's music time! Here's a little sampling of what's on my playlist this morning. I suppose it's sort of a really odd, strange, diverse morning, musically speaking...

Yeah, I like a lot of different music.

So how about you all out there? What's on your Saturday Morning Playlist? For my new friends, I always enjoy throwing up clips of what I've been listening to and totally love seeing what's gettin' your toes tappin' in the morning. I love music and I have a diverse group of friends with different musical tastes so it's always fun to see what you're listening to!

So let's have it! As always, bonus points for clips!

Ye Olde Purge Bucket


Good Day, Good People!!! And how fares thee all on this fine, if sweltering freaking day?

It's bloody hot here. And a bit sticky and humid as well. It's days like this, I'd rather have my happy ass parked on an iceberg up in Alaska. I just don't do heat very well. Which... living in Southern California is a bit problematic. All the more reason for me to flee this cesspool for cooler climates! I hear Oregon and Washington singing their siren songs to me...

Anyway... I just finished lopping off the fifteen pounds of hair sitting on my head hoping that would help. Doesn't seem to be helping too much at the moment. As I shaved my head down, the feline companion looked at me, with what I thought was a very hopeful look in his eyes. I think he was hoping I'd give him a shave too. And I was tempted for a minute. It has to suck wearing a fur coat in this heat all day! But I thought better of the idea because if I did shave him down, he'd probably kill me in my sleep. Not that he doesn't try to already but still.

All in all, it wasn't a bad week. Though I swear to Buddha, one of these days I'm going to snap and bludgeon my coworkers. I think if a jury hears my tale of working woe, there would be no way they'd convict me. They might just give me a thumbs up, a "been there before" look and send me on my way. Right???

Other than work irritation, things weren't bad. Progress was made on both POD I and POD II... POD I is just about ready to be sent off. I just need to set the order of the pieces and for that, I'm hoping my dear pixiebelle will give me a hand. Once that's done and it's off my plate completely, I can focus everything I have on POD II. So keep your digits crossed for me! (for all of my new friends, POD I and POD II are my current writing projects... POD I is hopefully going to be released in September and POD II is a little more complicated... but you can read about it a few entries back if you're so inclined!)

So yeah... there's all of that and the Idol vote going on. Which is nerve-wracking in and of itself since we can't see 2 of the polls being conducted. But we have to wait until freaking Tuesday before the dust settles and we see who the Final 4 left standing are going to be. Yikes. It's going to be a long few days, I tell you.

So it appears that Mittens has made his choice for his Veep... Paul Ryan. Ugh. Could be worse I suppose. Mittens could have picked somebody people actually like, somebody who *isn't* a poor-hating, woman-hating, elitist, homophobic, flip-flopping liar. So there's that, I suppose.

Well, I need to go get myself all put together and get on out the door. Daylight's burnin' as they say! I shall now turn the floor over to you fine folks!

So how has your week been? How has the Universe treated you? With kid gloves? An iron fist? Need to get something off your chest? Need to vent, rant or otherwise explode? Got a funny story, a joke or an inappropriate haiku? Need to jump up on your soapbox and deliver a paint-peeling, toe-curling epic rant? Want to sing somebody's praises, wish them well or tell them to take a long walk off a short pier? Anything and everything is welcome here.

For my new friends, this here is your place to get it all out. You're welcome to rant, scream or otherwise carry on about anything that may be going on in your world. Scream, shout, throw yourself on the floor kicking and crying. This is your place. So step on up, grab the microphone and belt it out!

As always, the Purge Bucket is open for your convenience... spew forth, my friends!