August 18th, 2012

Saturday Morning Music

Good Morning, Kids!

It's Saturday morning so that means it's "What Are You Listening To?" time again! Because I'm nosy like that.

Seriously though, since I started doing these things, I've been exposed to a ton of really great music that I'd never heard of before. pixiebelle is always exposing me to new music so that of course, made me curious about what the rest of y'all were listening to as well!

So on that note, it's share time! Here is some of what I'm listening to this morning. As always, bonus points for clips!

So how about you, folks? What's on your playlist today?

Ye Olde Purge Bucket


Well Good Saturday, Good People!!! And how fares thee all?

Let me just say, for the record, that it is bloody freaking HOT. We've been living through an agonizing heat wave for the last couple of weeks and it bloooooows. Okay, agonizing for me, some others may just find it mildly sucktastic. I hate the heat though. I'm a winter boy through and through. Give me some cold and possibly rainy weather and I'm a happy lad.

Other than the bloody heat, the week was actually very good. Busy with lots to do but a good week nonetheless. So yay for that!

I'm still playing catch-up on a ton of things so I'm so sorry that I've been MIA... I have many comments to reply to. I'm sorry I've been a slack-ass, sucky LJ friend lately! Now that I will begin having some free time... well, I'm still going to be working on POD II like a madman... but since that is the only real thing left on my plate, I'm hoping to be more of a regular fixture around here again. So hang with me, folks. I'm sorry that I'm way behind but will catch up! Promise!

I'd set aside the morning to finish the last bit of housekeeping on POD I... there were a few edits that had to be made on the piece that I'm swapping out and I also needed to combine all 13 pieces into one document before sending it back to my editor for the final time. So after fighting with Word for a while, I finally got everything loaded into one document... but now some of my formatting is screwed. So I have to go through it all and manually fix everything. Ugh. But hey, once this is done, it's done and gone and it will forever be off my plate. I'm kinda sad about that in a way... it's the first child o' mine that I am releasing out into the wild. I'm hoping against hope that it sprouts some wings and flies! So keep your digits crossed!

Looking forward to tomorrow... I have a sooper seekrit little adventure planned for pixiebelle... nothing major huge or anything, but a good bit of fun and geekery will be had, I'm sure. I love that she can go do these silly, fun, geeky little things with me and have a really great time. That makes me a happy boy because I love going and doing the dorky stuff like I have planned for tomorrow. So yay for that too! Hopefully this doesn't cross the super-dork threshold for her though!

Well, I'm done fighting with POD I for the moment. Perhaps, I'll get to sneak in a little time over the weekend to wrap it up and send it on its way. As sad as I will be to see it go, I need to be done with it. Otherwise, I can pick, poke and prod at it forever!

So now I shall turn the floor over to you, my fine, feathered friends! How has your week been? How has the Universe treated you? With a kind and gentle hand? A cold slap upside the head? What have been the highlights and lowlights of your week? What made the final cut and what ended up on the editing room floor? What is the haps in your worlds, my friends?

Once again, this is the place to get anything and everything off of your chests! Need to scream and shout about something? Looking for some advice and reassurance? Need to climb up on your soapbox and belt it out? Need to rant, rave and otherwise foam at the mouth? Need to just tell us about something good in your world? This is the place to do it. Just step right up and grab the microphone... the spotlight is yours!

As always, the Purge Bucket is open for your convenience... spew forth, my friends!