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Brain Droppings

The Convoluted Thoughts of an Unquiet Mind

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19 November
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Welcome and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internets. What can I tell you? I'm a huge history geek and an absolute political wonk. I think I know more about politics than is healthy for any one person. I'm a graduate of Cal State Long Beach where I earned a degree in what else but History and had planned on a long, fulfilling career as a teacher. That is before the state of California went and screwed up an already dysfunctional educational system even more making it next to impossible to get a job teaching in my field. Ahem.

I also consider myself to be something of a fiction writer and aspire to see my work on a shelf at my local Border's one day. As of now, my first book has been published (YAY!) and I'm beyond excited about it. Please feel free to come take a gander at my website at http://www.kevinsaito.com and you can also "like" my FB author page over here!

I'm a very passionate and frequently outspoken person... some folks might just call that an opinionated loudmouth... but whatever you call it, that's what I am. I love discussion and debate about any topic from history to books to movies to politics and all points in between. I think it's through the practice of discussion and debate... especially with those we don't necessarily agree with, that we learn. And if there is one thing I love above all else in this life, it's learning.

I'm incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful group of friends both in real life and on the pages of LiveJournal. These fine folks all help to keep me sane, which believe me, is no easy feat. But they put up with me and for that and for them, I'm eternally thankful.

So now that you're here, feel free to pop on into the pages of my journal and join the discussions, share your thoughts and your opinions. All I ask is that you be respectful.

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